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The Comic Jam

The Comic Jam is a group of independent artists and writers who are passionate about telling stories through sequential art. Our goal since the beginning has been to pursue that passion for creativity while improving upon our craft. But what sets us apart from other groups of comic creators is our method for collaboration. We create short comics — typically one to two pages — based on themes that the group members vote on each week. Once we have a theme writers take a week to interpret it into a script. Then, we randomly match our artists with a script and they take about one week per page to to do the art. We’ve found it interesting to randomize what scripts our artists work on. Since the writer doesn’t know who will be illustrating their story, it has forced them to improve their script writing skills. Also, artists will find themselves working on a variety of scripts, which may include types of stories that they aren’t used to. The idea is to use this method of collaboration, combined with the short format of our comics, to have a steady flow of great content for our readers, as well as to allow the creators to be continually working on new stories!

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